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चीन ने किया तालिबानी अंदाज में चर्च पर हमला… | Chinese Authorities Destroyed Christian Mega-Church with Dynamite

Chinese Authorities Destroyed Christian Mega-Church with Dynamite | चीन ने किया तालिबानी अंदाज में चर्च पर हमला...

चीन ने किया तालिबानी अंदाज में चर्च पर हमला…|Chinese Authorities Destroyed Christian Mega-Church with Dynamite  हिंदी में खबर देखने के लिए वीडियो पर क्लिक करे Authorities in northern China have demolished a Christian megachurch in a move denounced by a religious rights group as “Taliban-style persecution”. China’s officially atheist Communist ...

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Christian teenager in Pakistan arrested for alleged blasphemy

Pakistani Christian boy, Shahzad Masih, is accused of blasphemy

Pakistan on allegedly blasphemy charges.  Shahzad Masih, 16, who worked as a sweeper at the Shahmim Riaz hospital in Dinga city in Punjab Province’s Gujrat district, was accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad by a member of Tehreek-e-Tuhafaz, an Islamist extremist party.  Since his arrest on July 14, his family has not been ...

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Young Chinese ‘preachers’ are killed by the Islamic State in Pakistan

File photo of the two Chinese nationals who were kidnapped last month from Quetta city of southwest Pakistan. The Amaq agency said on Jun 8, 2017 that the Islamic State had killed the two Chinese nationals.(Twitter)

The Islamic State (IS) group has killed two young Chinese in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities say the two had entered the country on business visas but later began ‘preaching’ Christianity illegally. The incident has caused sorrow among Chinese Protestants. The two apparently belonged to a South Korea-based community. Chinese state media, ...

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5 Christians Given Prison Sentences in China for Meeting

Beijing (AsiaNews) – A court in Xinjiang convicted five Christians on 18 April for “gathering a crowd to disrupt social order”, sentencing them to three to five years in prison. The ruling by the Chongji City People’s Court follows a trial on 27 October 2016. All five, who are ethnic ...

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